Intercom + WhatsApp integration

Open up your Intercom inbox to the largest social messaging platform on the planet

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Powered by WhatsApp Business API (WABA)

The official WhatsApp Business API allows businesses around the world to connect with WhatsApp's 1.6 billion active users

Supports 360 Dialog, Twilio, and MessageBird WhatsApp accounts

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Send and receive WhatsApp messages within your Intercom inbox

Rich media support

Send and receive text, pictures, videos, audio, GIFs, and documents!

Learn more about supported media types →

Make use of Intercom features

Our deep integration with Intercom means your channel chats are pure Intercom conversations.

You can use features such as tags, saved replies, and assignment rules, as you would with any other Intercom conversation.

Send and receive messages to and from Intercom

Take advantage of WhatsApp features

  • Message Templates

    Templates are a great way to proactively communicate with and keep your customers informed, even if they've yet to initiate a conversation with you.

    Learn more about message templates →

Organize your inbox using assignment rules

  • Custom Data Attributes

    All leads created by Octopods come with Custom Data Attributes (CDAs) that make it easier for your team to find, filter, and segment your users.

    CDAs can also be used to create automatic assignment rules, making sure that each conversation gets to the right person.

    Learn more about Octopods CDAs →

If Phone attribute starts with +60 and octopods_channel attribute is WhatsApp,
                    then Assign to Malaysia WhatsApp Team

Supercharge your experience with our browser extension

Web browser extension for the Octopods proactive messaging feature

Secure and reliable

As the official method provided by WhatsApp, WABA is fast, safe, and secure.

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Expand your reach today.
Try our WABA sandbox for free.

What's a sandbox?

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