Send 1-to-1 SMS or WhatsApp messages

Send a single, direct SMS or WhatsApp message to your customers directly within Intercom.

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Outbound 1-to-1 messages

Send an SMS or WhatsApp to any customer with a phone number.

All within your Intercom Inbox

Use our Inbox App to quickly send a proactive message to your customers.

Context with message history

View the last 3 messages you've sent to a customer in our Inbox App.

Product screenshot showing the Intercom Instagram integration in action

1-to-1 Proactive Messaging FAQ

How does it work?

With our Intercom Inbox App you can send proactive messages via WhatsApp or SMS directly to any of your customers who have a phone number. In your Inbox simply select either SMS or WhatsApp, type your message, and hit send!

What are the use-cases for 1-to-1 messages?

Our customers are using proactive messages to send notifications, reminders, reservation confirmation, help, marketing, scheduling appointments, and many more.

How much does it cost?

Proactive messaging is available as an addon to our "Omnichannel" or "WhatsApp" plans. The Proactive messaging addon costs 69$ per month. This is a flat fee (no need to worry about "seats" or number of leads/users)!

How do I activate this feature?

  1. 1. Subscribe to any of our "Omnichannel" or "WhatsApp" plans.
  2. 2. Subscribe to our Proactive Messaging add-on.
  3. 3. Connect at least one of our supported SMS channels (like Twilio, Messagebird, Textmagic, Nexmo, Africa's Talking, etc.) or a WhatsApp number.
  4. 4. Install our Intercom Inbox App and start sending messages!

More questions?

    We've got the full details in our Help center.

Why Octopods?

We’re a simple, reliable way to connect Intercom to Instagram and all the other social messaging channels your customers are using.

Secure and reliable

We’re former Intercom product folks who know Intercom's platform inside out. We'll make sure you never miss a message.

7 day free trial

Start a free trial and connect Instagram to your Intercom workspace in just a few minutes. If you need anything we are here to help.

Instagram and many more

Consolidate all your customer communication in Intercom. We support 15 channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, LINE, Viber, Twilio SMS, Nexmo, MessageBird, Vkontakte, WeChat,, Africa's Talking, TextMagic and Zalo!