Connect with your customers wherever they may be

The most popular social messaging and SMS channels, right in your Intercom inbox! Watch video

Focus on maintaining relationships, not apps

With Octopods, you can channel your team's energy where it really matters

Empower your sales and support teams

With seamless omnichannel integrations, you'll be sure to never miss a lead, or lose an existing customer

  • WhatsApp? Sure! SMS? No problem!

    Wherever your customers are, there you will be. With 16 different channels to choose from, you'll have the entire planet covered in no time.

Take advantage of Intercom features — everywhere

Saved replies? Assignment rules? Tags? We support them all!

  • Deep integration

    As former Intercom folks, we know the platform inside out, and we guarantee that your conversations will feel native, no matter their source.

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Secure your conversations

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