Intercom Twitter integration

Connect Intercom to Twitter. Receive and respond to your Twitter mentions and Direct Messages right in Intercom.

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Twitter @mentions

New Twitter @mentions create conservations in Intercom

Twitter Direct Messages

New Twitter DMs create conservations in Intercom

Rich media support

Send media of any kind when replying in Intercom

Product screenshot showing the Intercom Instagram integration in action

Why Octopods?

We’re a simple, reliable way to connect Intercom to Instagram and all the other social messaging channels your customers are using.

Secure and reliable

We’re former Intercom product folks who know Intercom's platform inside out. We'll make sure you never miss a message.

7 day free trial

Start a free trial and connect Instagram to your Intercom workspace in just a few minutes. If you need anything we are here to help.

Instagram and many more

Consolidate all your customer communication in Intercom. Also connect Telegram, WeChat, LINE, Viber, Twilio SMS, Nexmo SMS, and many more! With Facebook, Skype, Google App Reviews coming soon!