Add-on: Proactive Messaging

Send proactive messages to your contacts via SMS or WhatsApp

Intercom user profile with Octopods proactive messaging extension widget visible

1-to-1 proactive messaging

Use WhatsApp or any of our 5 SMS channels to proactively reach out to your customers

Icons for WhatsApp, Nexmo, Africa's Talking, MessageBird, Twilio, and TextMagic

Send proactive messages using the Octopods Inbox app

Never leave your inbox

Our Inbox app allows your team to reach out to customers without having to leave your Intercom inbox

Learn more about our Inbox app →

Octopods Inbox app screenshot

Enhance your workflow with our Chrome extension

  • Send messages from the user profile

    Our Chrome extension enables you to send proactive messages directly from a user's profile

Web browser extension for the Octopods proactive messaging feature

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